November 10, 2008

I really suck at blogging…

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I guess I really don’t have that much to say.  Survivor is boring me to death and I was happy to see the divorcee’s eliminated from Amazing Race.  Karma sucks. 

I’m frantically knitting for the holidays…so hopefully I’ll have more to add.

I did finally give wet-felting a try.  My Ravelry friend, Woolthumb, does some amazing work and got me motivated.  Here’s my first attempt.  I think I tried to add too much detail.  I’ll needle felt the rest of the details. 



October 4, 2008

Before I start ranting, I should add some knitting!

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little ghost haunting my flowers

little ghost haunting my flowers

Cinderella topsy-turvy doll bu Jean Greenhowe

Cinderella topsy-turvy doll bu Jean Greenhowe

selbuvotter glove (terri shea annemor #11)

selbuvotter glove (terri shea annemor #11)

dumpling bag

dumpling bag, unfinished

Here are some of the projects I’m currently working on…(top pic)Those little ghosts just LOVE shrubbery of all kinds. Reminds me of the “the Knights who say Ni!”. Next…those of you that are Jean Greenhowe know what this is. The glove pic is from Terri Shea’s Selbuvotter book. And the last pic is from Dumpling Bag found in InterweaveKnit magazine. (as soon as I figure out how to link, I’ll point you in the right direction)

October 3, 2008

Free knitted Ghost pattern

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ghost pattern here!!

My basil is haunted.  Free pattern

click on the word ghost

If you decide to knit this up, let me know how it turned out!  Thanks!