October 7, 2008

A succinct rant about TAR and Survivor

Posted in rants tagged , , at 2:14 pm by magandmick

I am a reality tv junkie. Is it truly reality? No. I know that. So on with my rant…

Survivor Gabon: Is it just me or are these people REALLY BORING? I enjoyed hating on Randy during the 1st episode but after watching the 2nd episode I understand his acrimonious attitude. The best part of the show? Watching Charlie lust after Marcus. I wonder if he was aware that Marcus’ floppy disc made an appearance during the 2nd immunity challenge? (I’m not going to add pics, they can be found all over the internet.

So as of the 2nd episode, I’m really not finding any of the divisiveness that makes for an interesting show.
Current Favorites: Crystal, Ken and Bob
Dislike: Randy and KC
Next tribal Council guess: Fang: KC goes
Kota: One of the insipids. (I call them this because they are so boring, I can’t even be bothered learning their names.

TAR: I’m enjoying this show a little more than survivor because it has a spicier cast. My favorite couple to hate? Hands down, Terence and Sarah
I hope they stick around for a while because Terence’s antics crack me up. I truly believe that when he got that miniscule cut, his red blood cells were probably fighting to escape. Would YOU want to be trapped in that man? Sarah really needs to sit down and watch this show after she is done. Enough said.

Frat boys: Leave. Get off my television. You are not fun to watch. You are not even good at being annoying. I’m not even interested in learning your names. You have 0 chance of winning.

Ken and Tina: Ken, you cheated on her and want to make good. She knows this and will lead you around by your dick for the rest of your life. Maybe you deserve this.

Mark and Bill My favorites! They are geekishly delicious to watch. I think that they are so innocuous that people will overlook them. They are not physically fit so they don’t pose a threat. I hope that is not their downfall. I hope they go far.

The rest: Meh… Nobody else is making an impression. I’m sure I’ll change my mind from week to week.


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