October 3, 2008

OK, here’s my 1st rant…

Posted in rants at 5:14 pm by magandmick

Now I know why I have not started a blog earlier.   I’m having trouble trying to figure this all out.  I want instant gratification.  I’m such a damn computer “nub”.   That’s my 15y/o’s new word.  If I mention I need help with anything, she calls me a nub.  I thought the word was “noob”.  I digress.  I want to add pictures (done).  I want this to be colorful.  I want this to be exciting.  F*#%!! I want it all! (there. just made it colorful). 

  I’m going to have to wait until she gets home before I can put pictures within my posts.  She’ll help me and call me “nub” several times. sigh.



  1. Ali said,

    i love it! you’re totally not a newb. or noob. not nub. so maybe you are a noob. (it’s actually short for “newbie” if that makes more sense!)

  2. magandmick said,

    Lol…oh yes I am 🙂 (but you are kind!)

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